” Hi John, Just a quick email to say a big thank-you for the Shoulder course. Andy and I both enjoyed our day very much and found it both informative and very useful. I have just tried out the shoulder mobilisations you demonstrated on an older female client with great results. I’m sure we will be back soon for another course, I had forgotten just how good they were. ”

Caroline Middleton, Sports Massage Therapist

” Hi John, Just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s Master Class on the Glutes, it was excellent. Left me thinking about my hip. I have thought it was just muscular due to my running/work. I might have to do the hip’s master class to find out more!! ”

Claudia Aguilar Garcia, PT and Sports Massage Therapist

” Just wanted to say a big thank you for my place on the Vital Glutes CPD course you ran yesterday. Rammed full with logical content right from the off. Delivered at a tempo that everyone could follow with plenty of practical information – making sense of the theory. Sharing, generously, the knowledge you’ve accumulated over many years of practice for the greater good. For me the special ingredient about the course was the accessibility, literally plug and play. That which I learned yesterday I read up on when I got home and put into practice in my clinic, today.
What value is that! ”

Trevor Gorard, Soft Tissue Therapist

” Another mind blowing two day course with Mr John Gibbons…The Cervical Spine and Shoulder Master classes. The man is a walking encyclopaedia of musculoskeletal: Anatomy, Physiology, Dysfunction and correction. He is also funny!! Sometimes…..We all thoroughly enjoyed the courses and can’t wait for the next ones. “

Damion Redwood, PT & Osteopath Student

” I just wanted to write and thank you for the Glutes & Psoas course yesterday. I think I learnt more in six hours than I have in the last three years! I really enjoyed it and I used some of the exercises from yesterday with my first client this morning! ”

William Bourne-Taylor, Physiotherapist

Amazing course with John Gibbons always makes sense when he explains it. Great guy and fantastic lecturer. Even got to row with the Oxford First Boat 7 man.

Tracey Matthews, Physiotherapist & Sports Therapist

Just had a mega 4 days in Oxford on a course by John John Gibbons, Pelvic and SI joint. To all my therapist colleagues I can’t recommend his courses highly enough. You know his books are good but get your butts on one his courses, he makes sense where other authors/lecturers confuse. watch this space for news of John coming up to Scotland to do some workshops, definitely not to missed. On a personal note John Gibbons is a guy with great generosity of spirit and great courage to have run this particular course under his own difficult circumstances. Met some lovely people on the course too, bonus!. Now just you wait till I get my hands on those clients tomorrow, their pelvis and sacrum aren’t going to know what’s hit them!

Debbie Fenwick, Myofascial therapist

I have just got from a Spinal Manipulation & Mobilisation course, with John Gibbons world renowned Sports Osteopath … so many tools in my toolbox now gonna need a tool chest i think … Thankyou John for the most amazin day i have as normal learned so much … both about manipulation and myself …guys do yourself a favour and get booking on these courses its just a fantastic day of learning and 3 more to go before I get his Bodymaster Method ® Diploma and my whole business is gonna take a massive leap forward.

David Bailey, Sports Therapist & Personal Trainer

I just want to thank you for all the knowledge that you have given me over the past few year. It has certainly taken my life down a completely different path to what I imagined it would. I’m now doing what I wanted to do 40 years ago. This year has certainly been great which has involved me in travelling to places I’d only dreamed I’d visit. Since June I’ve spent time in Europe, San Diego, Hawaii & Australia. Working with a few elite athletes 3 of which have got podium positions at both world & European championships. It is with your training & knowledge that I have been able to develops through your courses that has allowed me to treat them in both in preparation and the treating of injuries & rehab that has allowed them to achieve what they have this year. So I can’t thank you enough on behalf of us all.

Ian Smith, Bodymaster Method ® Practitioner

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the class yesterday. It was a good bunch of enthusiastic individuals, I learnt lots, it was fun and interactive. Thanks again for the book and I’m sure I’ll be on another module in the not too distant future.

Keith Crane, Fitness Coach