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I’m John Gibbons. My mission is to take away your pain.

John Gibbons BodyMaster

Doctors, Physios and Sports Therapists seek me out to learn techniques that enable them to restore movement and remove pain from patients who previously believed that painkillers and surgery were their only choice, that they simply had to live with pain on a daily basis.

Today, I’m Osteopath to the Oxford University Boat Club Rowing Team, my books and articles are published internationally, I lecture at Universities, and get invited to speak all over the world.


But it wasn’t always like this.

Twenty years ago, as a British Army PT instructor I was used to pushing soldiers to their physical limits, and became increasingly frustrated by the limited results I could get treating strains and injuries using traditional physiotherapy. Convinced that there must be better ways to remove pain and increase mobility without resorting to drugs and invasive therapies, I embarked upon a quest to find a method to treat the whole person, not just the presenting symptoms.

I trained and qualified in Osteopathy, Sports Therapy, Personal Training, Nutrition, Reflexology and Acupuncture, painstakingly developing a treatment method that is as fast and effective on office workers and housewives as it is on top athletes and super-fit soldiers.

That 20-year journey has culminated in the Bodymaster Method ® – a unique fusion of therapy techniques rigorously designed to remove pain and restore mobility without recourse to drugs or surgery.

Now my motivating passion is to teach the Bodymaster Method ® to as many Doctors, Physios and Sports Therapists as possible and much of my time is dedicated to running training courses and seminars to establish a network of Bodymaster Practitioners worldwide.

If you’re a Physical Therapist or Doctor and you really want to discover new ways to make a lasting difference in the lives of your patients, sign up for a Bodymaster course today.

On The Panel at a Seminar

If you’re personally suffering from joint or muscle pain and impaired mobility, I maintain a limited personal practise at the Oxford University Sports Ground, and you can contact my office to arrange a consultation or you can book an appointment below.

Are you in pain or simply need advice? Would you like to be seen by the ‘Bodymaster’ himself?

Well now you can, if you pre book a Consultation with John Gibbons Body Master at his home clinic, in Oxfordshire. When you book (see below), you will receive an email from him to directly arrange a convenient time for the initial consultation.

Please book using the link below:

Consultation with John Gibbons Bodymaster

Are you a Physical Therapist that needs some guidance and updating of your personal therapy skills?

Then you are in luck, as you can now book a ‘one to one’ session with the Bodymaster. You can choose to spend one, two or even three hours with John Gibbons. When you book, you will receive an email from John to arrange a time to visit at his venue in Oxford, for the tutorial session.

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If you are in any doubt regarding booking a Consultation, or an individual Tutorial session with The Body Master, then for a small fee you can download a copy of the ‘Complete Bodymaster Article Booklet’.

This booklet has taken me over 10 years in the making and it contains ‘ALL’ the ‘Articles’ to date that the ‘Bodymaster’ John Gibbons has written. John Gibbons has written for the following organisations; SportEx, Federation of Holistic Therapy (FHT), Sports Injury Bulletin (SIB), Positive health, Massage World to name just a few. It will leave you in no doubt at all about his abilities and knowledge in the subject!

The booklet is packed with information from areas like ‘Differential diagnosis of Musculoskeletal pain, ‘How to Maximise your Gluteus’, ‘Drop Foot’, ‘Exploring Shoulder Pain’, Muscle Energy Techniques for Knee pain’ to training tips for the Elite Rowers of Oxford called ‘Preparing for Glory’ and it just keeps going. The booklet is 92 pages and can be bought here. On receipt of payment he will email you the PDF version of the Booklet that you can then download.

On receipt of payment you will receive your PDF Article booklet by email.

Bodymaster Article Booklet:

If you prefer, you can order your hard copy of the booklet with FREE postage within the UK!

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