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The Man

John Gibbons brings a host of discrete physical therapy disciplines together in his philosophy of Ultimate Bodymastery. He is extensively qualified in Osteopathy, Sports Therapy and Clinical / Remedial Massage, Kinesiology taping, Muscle Energy Techniques, Manipulative techniques, Nutrition and Physical Fitness. John is fast becoming known as the expert's expert, and will show you combination techniques that will revolutionise your practice.

The Method

John's Bodymaster method ® approaches the body as a complex integrated unit, where one dysfunction may require more than one area of expertise. If you've ever lost business by having to refer outside your specialism then there's a John Gibbons Bodymaster course for you. John is the man other specialists turn to - as he says, ‘I only refer clients when they need surgery’.

The Mastery

Your Continued Professional Development doesn’t just have to be about box-ticking. With John Gibbons’ Bodymaster method ® courses you can really develop your understanding of the body, leading to greater success, happier customers and fewer referrals outside of your business. You'll see an increase in your job satisfaction and your bottom line.

The Diploma

 Complete all 10 courses and receive your Diploma as a Certified John Gibbons BodyMaster Method ® Practitioner.

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