Bodymaster Training

The Man

John Gibbons brings a host of discrete physical therapy disciplines together in his philosophy of Ultimate Bodymastery.

He is extensively qualified in Osteopathy, Sports Therapy and Clinical / Remedial Massage, Kinesiology taping, Muscle Energy Techniques, Manipulative techniques, Nutrition and Physical Fitness. John is fast becoming known as the expert’s expert, and will show you combination techniques that will revolutionise your practice.

The Method

John’s Bodymaster Method® approaches the body as a complex integrated unit, where one dysfunction may require more than one area of expertise.

If you’ve ever lost business by having to refer outside your specialism then there’s a John Gibbons Bodymaster course for you. John is the man other specialists turn to – as he says, ‘I only refer clients when they need surgery’.

The Mastery

Your Continued Professional Development doesn’t just have to be about box-ticking.

With John Gibbons’ Bodymaster Method® courses you can really develop your understanding of the body, leading to greater success, happier customers and fewer referrals outside of your business. You’ll see an increase in your job satisfaction and your bottom line.


Bodymaster Courses

Kinesiology Taping for the Athlete Masterclass

On the 6th March in Oxford or the 14th April in Newcastle, the Bodymaster himself will show you all the secrets of effective Kinesiology taping. This is going to be a great course, so book soon – places are going fast!!


The Vital Glutes & Psoas Master-Class

During this course Bodymaster John Gibbons will take you on a fascinating journey of enlightenment, teaching you to recognize pain and dysfunctional patterns that can arise from dysfunctions found within the gluteal & psoas muscles. The next available course takes place on the 24th April in Oxford or 12th May in Cornwall.


Spinal Manipulation & Mobilisation Technique Masterclass

Join John on the 5th March and you will learn Grade 5 (HVT) spinal manipulations and mobilisations to treat the Pelvis, Lumbar and Thoracic spine. This course is perfect for you if you work with athletes. Insurance can be provided by BGi after completion of the course.


Muscle Energy Techniques made simple

A one-day MET course for physical therapists on the 23rd April in Oxford. You’ll learn how to identify specific soft tissue dysfunction and weakness within the musculo-skeletal system, and to harness powerful Muscle Energy Techniques to restore function.


Neurological Testing Master-Class

Want to learn about the Brachial plexus, thoracic outlet syndrome and the Sciatic nerve and what level in the lumbar spine affects the function of the big toe? Your patient has elbow pain, how do you differentiate the pain from tennis elbow compared to a cervical C6 problem? Next course is on 7th March in Oxford or 9th March in South Wales.


The Pelvis, Sacroiliac Joint and Lumbar Spine Masterclass

Do you want to have a better understanding of the Sacroiliac Joint, Pelvis and lumbar spine? If so then you need to attend the Advanced Therapy Masterclass. This course will increase your treatment success as you will learn advanced and specific techniques to treat a variety of disorders of the Pelvis, Lumbar spine and Sacro-iliac Joint, next course 1-4th March 2018.


Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques Masterclass

Come and develop an increased understanding of advanced soft tissue techniques like the Bodymaster Release Techniques (BMRT), Soft Tissue Release (STR), Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) and Strain Counter-Strain (SCS). Next course: 25-26th April in Oxford.


Knee Joint Masterclass

Spend a whole day with John improving and developing your knowledge and success with knee assessment and treatment at this intensive one-day Bodymaster Method Course. Next Date: 13th Feb in Oxford or 10th March in South Wales..


Shoulder Joint Masterclass

Interested in assessing and treating shoulder problems effectively? Then you need to attend this intensive one-day Bodymaster Method Course on the 19th April 2018 in Oxford.


Cervical Spine Masterclass

Do you have patients with neck or arm pain? Then you need to attend this one day bodymaster course, where John will teach you how to assess and treat patients with these common conditions. Next course 29th Nov in Oxford.


Hip & Groin Masterclass

On the 14th Feb in Oxford, come and spend the day with John learning all about the hip and groin. This course includes referral patterns from the pelvis and lumbar spine.


John Gibbons BodyMaster

Acupuncture Techniques for Sports Injuries – Level 1

Taught by Bernard Nolan, this is a four day intensive course in Acupuncture Techniques for Sports Injuries and has been designed for sports massage therapists as well as physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors. This course is NOT included in the Bodymaster Diploma. Next dates: 15-18th March 2018.


Acupuncture Techniques for Medical Conditions – Level 2

Bernard Nolan is running a one day Level 2 Course in Acupuncture Techniques for specific medical conditions & sports injuries. Designed for therapists that have already completed Level 1. This advanced course will focus on all the typical Acupuncture points throughout the body as well as utilising techniques to treat certain medical conditions. Next date TBA.